An Insider's Guide to the Collegiate Entertainment Market

Want To Tap Into The Profitable College Market?

Then You Are In The Right Spot!

Are you a musician, comedian, magician, speaker, or novelty act that has always wanted to get into the college market but have no idea how the market works?

Or, maybe you’ve heard the college market has the potential be profitable, but have no clue where to begin?

Well, now is your chance to learn pretty much everything you’ll ever need to know.  A former performer on the collegiate circuit has put together a full disclosure, no-hold-barred eBook available for you to purchase.  This amazing resources “spills the proverbial beans” on how to get into the college market, promote yourself, negotiate higher fees and other great topics.  Simply put, this book is an explanatory guide of how the entire collegiate entertainment market works.   In the book you will learn:

  •  Nitty-gritty about the whole collegiate market
  •  Who are the three major players
  •  Intricate details of how college conferences operate
  •  The “secret ingredient” needed to increase your chances of getting booked
  •  Some sure fire ways to self-destruct your collegiate career before you even start
  •  15+ ways promote your act on campus after you have been booked so you can pack the house
  •  An email blueprint that can increase attendance… off the charts (This alone is worth the price)
  •  Negotiating strategies that can increase your bottom line
  •  Why you don’t have to start your pricing off “low and work your way up…”
  •  Ways to make your website college market friendly
  •  And, of course, the obligatory…. much more! 🙂

If you want some free tips on how to get started in the college market feel free to sign up.  We’ll send you a short series of emails (apprx. 5), giving you some advice on what it takes, and some cool strategies.

NOTE: this book is NOT some cheesy “Get rich quick guide” or anything slimy like that.  Rather it has been written to provide you with guidance on the inner workings, good, bad, (or ugly?), of the college entertainment market.    


The information in this book can easily be a hefty price, but let’s not break the bank.  This eBook (PDF format) is available for $57.  




The author of “The College Market Decoded”  is Dave McCubbin (yes, that’s me on the left).  I’ve been a speaker on the collegiate circuit for the past few years.  And after taking some time to learn the ropes of the college market,  I decided to put together a book detailing what I’ve learned.  Throughout the book I’ll share with you my knowledge, experience, what to do and what not to do on the collegiate circuit.   Holding nothing back, you will learn pretty much all you need to know about how to get gigs in the college market.  This step-by-step guide will help you find your way!

So why did I write this book?  Well, for several reasons.  First, as a lifelong educator, I have a passion for teaching whoever wants to learn.  This book is my sincere attempt to share the most important aspects, along with some experiences, that I have encountered while on the college entertainment circuit.   Second, when it comes to the College Market, the only secret is —there really are no secrets.  It is quite true that you can learn about the collegiate market, on high level, by arduously searching the web taking up your precious time only to realize most results might be high level, recycled, fluff material, not showing you anything of relevance.  Another obvious downside is realizing it would take a lot of time to piece the entire college market puzzle together.  The question is simply- what is your time worth?  This book is an aggregated, condensed, power-packed resource designed, and intended, to get you “there” quickly. 

So feel free to indulge yourself, taking whatever parts you deem most useful and apply them for maximum benefit for getting collegiate gigs.

Best of Luck!!!   -Dave

—See what others are saying—

by Avery Julian on College Market Decoded Book
This is the best resource on the college market out there.

The college market for entertainment is pretty sizable, but there's very little good information on it. This book is filled with first hand accounts, general knowledge and hard data. I would recommend this as required reading for anyone looking at the college market and needing a good place to start. Since reading this, I've secured my own showcases at both NACA and APCA. The service discussed later on, GigRazor, is certainly along the lines of what's coming in the future. I believe it's worthwhile for everyone keeping an eye on what's coming. I give this 5 stars, and no I'm not affiliated with this book or their services. -Avery

by Marc Plotkin on College Market Decoded Book
Super helpful!

I found Dave's book hugely helpful in determining how I wanted to move forward in bringing my music to the college market. Since reading his book I was able to secure agency representation and have showcased at major events! Thanks Dave 🙂

by Alfred Poor on College Market Decoded Book
The Other Half of the Story

If you want to make money by performing or speaking on college campuses, you need to know your craft. You need the talent and the practice to deliver an outstanding performance. But that's not nearly enough.You also need to understand the business side, which may not be a natural skill for artists and speakers. Dave McCubbin of GigRazor steps you through it all, from an explanation of what campus entertainment staff want, to how to build your marketing materials. Along the way, you'll learn about the essential acronyms such as NACA and APCA, as well as tips on negotiating a deal and promoting your gig on campus.This book won't instantly make you a seasoned veteran of the college circuit, but it will help you avoid making many of the rookie mistakes that could derail your college performing career before you even get started.